10 Natural Remedies For Prickly Heat Rashes


Sun seems quite pleased after the shivery winter season. People love to sit out of their house and take the sun bath, but very soon sun becomes quite irritating in the summer season. Too much heat and sun rays become very difficult to handle, and it causes several skin conditions like prickly heat rashes. A person, who is suffering from prickly heat, rashes often feel itching and burning around the infected skin. Excessive sweating is one of the main causes of prickly heat rashes. Sweat glands get blocked because of too much sweating, and later sweat glands burst open and cause prickly heat rashes. Off-course heat, rashes beget irritating problems like itching and burning, but you can cure this issue at home.

List Of  10 Natural Remedies For Prickly Heat Rashes


Oatmeal is a perfect remedy for prickly heat, rashes because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. Fill your bathtub with clean water and mix 1 cup fine granulated oatmeal in it. Now stir it perfectly and then soak your body in mixed oatmeal water for next 30 minutes. After that wipe, yourself with a clean towel and you have done. Repeat the same process twice in a day to cure heat rashes problem.


Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are a beneficial treatment in terms of stopping prickly growth rushes. You can try it in two different ways. Take a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and compress that cloth over the infected skin. Try to do it three times in a day or you can soak up a clean cloth in cold water and repeat the same process. It precisely prevents the growth of prickly heat rashes and offers quick relief from itching and burning.

Cold Compress

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is renowned for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can try it to cure prickly heat rashes and get quick results from it. Pluck an Aloe Vera leave and peel it to store the gel. Now massage the gel over the infected region. It reduces inflammation and redness of prickly heat rashes.

 Aloe Vera Gel

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is a useful and easily available ingredient that can cure heat rashes. Take 1 cup water in a bowl and mix 2tbsp chickpea flour in it and stir it well. Prepare thick paste and apply that paste over prickly heat rashes. Wait for the next 20 minutes and then rinse the chickpea paste.

Chickpea Flour

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood has been used as a natural remedy for several years. It is an integral part of many beauty products, and it can also help you in healing prickly heat rashes. Mix sandalwood powder and rose water in a bowl to create a thick paste. Apply that paste over prickly heat rashes and then rinse it after 30 minutes.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is also an effective home remedy to treat prickly heat, rashes because of its anti-bacterial properties. Mix 2tbsp baking soda in 2cup water and stir it. Prepare thick paste and then apply it to the affected skin and rinse after 20 minutes. Do it every day to get quick relief from itching and inflammation.

Baking Soda

Fuller’s Earth

Comprises both cosmetic, and healing properties, fuller’s earth is a wonderful cure for prickly heat rashes. Prepare the paste of fuller’s earth and rose water. Apply that paste on prickly heat rashes and leave it for 30 minutes. Now rinse it and wipe the rashes with a clean cloth. It is a good way of reducing itching and burning caused by heat rashes.

Fuller’s Earth

Raw Potato

If you think potatoes can be used only in cuisines, your thinking will get changed after reading this point. Potatoes prevent itching and sensation caused by prickly heat, rashes if you massage rashes by raw potato slices. Potatoes are easily available and quite affordable home remedy to treat prickly heat rashes.



It is also known as Margosa, which is an incredible antiseptic and anti-bacterial home remedy to treat many types of skin issues. It also works for curing prickly heat rashes and reduces itching of the rashes. You can apply Neem leaves as liniment or addNeem leaves in bathing water to get beneficial results.



Ginger is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory ingredient, which has been used as a home remedy for many years. It can offer quick and efficient relief from prickly heat rashes. Take some raw gingers and crush them. Now boil crushed ginger in clean water and then let the water cool. Now soak up a clean cloth in the ginger water mix and then rub it over the infected skin. Do it every day to prevent stinging feel and itching. This home remedy also helps in stopping the growth of heat rashes over the other spots of our body.



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