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10 Must Follow Tips To Get Glow On Your Skin For brides


Are you a would be bride? Do your wedding is scheduled in this month or in coming month? If so then you have to follow some special tips for glowing skin for that day. All the girls want to be flawless on that special day as the bride is in the center of all attraction on that special day.

To Get A Naturally Healthy And Glowing Skin You Must Follow Some Tips

Follow 1 Month Routine

If you are a would be bride then your beauty routine must start at least 1 month before. In this one month you have to follow a strict beauty regime other wise you will not be able to get a naturally glowing skin on that special day. In this one month routine you have to detoxify your body first to get a healthy body at first which will have a healthy skin too.


Sleep In Proper Time

In this one month routine try to go to your bed in proper time and wake up early in the morning. At least 8 hours of sleep is needed. A proper rest will provide you a healthy and beautiful skin. If you did not take rest properly it would cause tired skin and dark circles in under eyes.


Do Regular Exercise

Perform exercise regularly as it will increase blood circulation in your body and keeps you fit. Do some free hand exercise or yoga in every morning at least for half an hour. The body sweating during exercise will remove the toxin with the sweat from your body.

Regular Exercise

Maintain A Proper Diet

Now a day girls are working and they are very busy. But do not skip your meal due to hectic schedule. Try to maintain a proper diet in this one month. A proper diet help you the most to get a glowing skin from inside of your body. Include fiber contained foods in your diet as it will clear your system which is very important for glowing skin.

Proper Diet

Drink Lot Of Water

Drinking a proper amount of water can result in a glowing skin. When you drink lots of water it will remove the toxin from your body by urine or sweat which will give you a naturally glowing skin. Try to drink 8 liters of water in a day to remove the toxin from your body.


Eat Fruits Regularly

Try to eat at least one fruit daily for a healthy glowing skin. Fruits are power packed with natural vitamins and minerals which helps you in getting glowing skin. Try to eat a whole fruit instead of any fruit juice as the previous is healthier than the later one. The fiber contents of fruits are very much important for your digestive system.


Avoid Fast Foods

Due to very fast life style almost every body are used to eat fast foods more or less. Try to avoid junk foods if you are a would be bride as these types of foods can cause harm to your skin. It makes your skin more oily and oily skin results in acnes, pimples etc. Junk foods are responsible for various health problems like indigestion, increasing body weight or obesity etc. To get a healthy skin you must have a healthy body and for this junk foods are a strictly NO for the would be brides.

fast food

Maintain A Proper Beauty Regime

Are you a working girl and do not have lot of time for beauty treatment? If you want to get a glowing skin on your D day then you must have to follow a regular beauty regime. A regular CTM regime is able to bring back the 50% glow of your skin. Though you have a busy schedule but try to clean your skin, tone your skin and moisturize your skin regularly. Remove the dead cells of your skin at least twice a day which will give you a glowing skin. Regular skin cares give you a fruitful result.


Apply Night Cream

Use nourishing night cream on your face and neck every night before you go to bed. Choose one good quality night cream enriched with vitamin E which is good for your skin. Massage nourishing night cream gently in upward circular motion in all over face and neck. It will repair the damages of your skin and provides skin deep nourishment thus you got a radiant glowing skin for ever. Do it regularly for a flawless beautiful skin.

Night Cream

Go For Regular Salon Treatment

Try to go salon regularly to do facial treatments. These treatments help you to get glowing skin naturally. In salon the salon personals do massage and all the treatment in a professional way thus your skin gets the best treatment. Try to take at least one visit in a good salon to do all these facial treatments which will help you to get a glowing skin.

Go For Regular Salon Treatment


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