10 Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquitoes are a big problem especially when the weather starts becoming warm in the spring and summer seasons. The mosquito bite can cause many diseases leading to great distress and suffering. There are many ways to stop the mosquitoes from biting you like applying a mosquito repellent cream on the skin and using a mosquito net on the bed. It is possible to avoid mosquitoes in the house by using some plants that have the property to repel the mosquitoes. Having these plants in the garden and home is very beneficial for us. We will suggest some mosquito repelling plants.

Following Are The 10 Mosquito Repellent Plants:

1. Citronella:

The Citronella plant repels the mosquitoes in the garden or home. Its leaves have a mosquito repellent aroma and fragrance. Keep pots with citronella plant in your garden and home in a sunny area. Ensure that there is good drainage. Crush the leaves of the plant and apply on your skin for natural mosquito repellent properties. [1]


2. Lavender:

The Lavender plant from which we get essential oil has a sweet smell and it has the ability to repel mosquitoes. This plant has leaves that store the oil in it. The essential oil of this plant helps in stopping the mosquitoes from entering the house. Establish the plant in a sunny area of the garden or home and ensure that there is good drainage. [2]


3. Basil:

The Basil plant acts as a natural mosquito repellent when used in the garden and homes. It also helps in repelling the bugs from the garden. You can use varieties of basil plant like lemon basil for keeping away the mosquitoes. Besides this, you can use cinnamon basil plant. [3]


4. Lemongrass:

Lemongrass plant has a lemon-like smell and it keeps the mosquitoes away from your garden and home. Use the plant in your garden especially during the mosquito season. [4]


5. Ageratum Or Floss Flowers:

Ageratum Or Floss Flowers plants with blue flowers have a mosquito repelling smell. The plant contains mosquito-repelling ingredients that make it useful for using in readymade mosquito repellent products sold in the market. Place the plant in a sunny area of the garden. [5]

Floss Flowers

6. Lemon Balm:

The Lemon Balm plant has a minty smell and it helps in repelling the mosquitoes. For using the plant as a mosquito repellent, you should apply the crushed leaves of lemon balm plant on the skin. Place pots or containers with lemon balm plants in your garden. [6]

Lemon Balm

7. Marigold:

The smell of the Marigold plant helps in repelling the mosquitoes. Place pots with marigold plants near the entrance of the house. Also, use it in the garden at borders. It is beneficial to use the plant in the patio. The plant can also repel bugs, beetles, and aphids besides the mosquitoes. [7]


8. Mint:

The smell of the Mint plant not only refreshed our breath and mouth but it is also useful for repelling the mosquitoes at home. Place pots or containers with mint plants in your garden and near the house. Besides this, you can also rub the mint leaves on the skin. [8]


9. Catnip:

The Catnip plant has natural insect repellent properties. Use the plant in your garden and house for keeping away the mosquitoes. It is a natural alternative to DEET used for killing mosquitoes. Apart from growing the plant in the garden, you can apply its crushed leaves on the skin for repelling mosquitoes. [9]


10. Rosemary:

Rosemary herb plant is useful for repelling the mosquitoes at home. Place pots or containers with rosemary plants in your garden or use them at the border of the garden. The plant needs warm and dry climate. Prune the plant regularly. Besides mosquitoes, the rosemary plant also repels cabbage moths. [10]




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