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10 Home Remedies To Treat Viral Infections


Many diseases occur when virus attacks our body. Our immunity becomes weak and this leads to infections. The affected person suffers from health problems due to this. Cold, flu and sore throat are caused by virus. Such infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. The temperature becomes very less in winters and the viral problems increase during this time. The immunity becomes very low and chance of infection increases. Natural remedies can give lot of relief in viral infections. They are safe for us, as they don’t cause any side effect. We will tell you about some easy home remedies for this. You will find these remedies in your kitchen itself.

Following Are The 10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Viral Infections

Drink Fluids

Drinking fluids helps in healing viral problems like flu. It makes the mucus thin and loose, which is expelled easily after that. Increase the intake of fluids like water, juice and hot soups. It is beneficial to take hot drinks. Don’t take tea and coffee.


Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea is very beneficial for treating viral infections. It contains flavonoids that help in protecting our body from virus attack. Make green tea by steeping loose tea or tea bag in boiling water. Strain and drink.

Green Tea

Drink Coriander Tea

Coriander tea helps in reducing viral fever. Prepare the tea by boiling coriander seeds in water. Strain the liquid and cool. Mix milk. For a sweet taste, add little sugar. Consume the tea. It helps in healing fever caused by viral infection.


Take Honey

Honey is very beneficial for people who have sore throat. Consume honey before sleeping at night. You can mix it with tea and take it. It will give relief in cough and throat problems. Honey helps in suppressing cough.


Suck Lozenges

Cold is an irritating problem caused by virus attack on our body. Zinc gluconate lozenges help in treating this problem. Suck the lozenges whenever you have cold problem. Don’t use lozenges that are sweet. It is harmful to use lozenges that contain citric acid.


Salt Water Gargling

Salt water gargle gives lot of relief in the problem of sore throat. Take warm water, add salt and then you should do gargling with this solution. It heals throat swelling also. The secretions deposited in the throat become loose with this.

Salt Water

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger contains nutrients and ingredients that help in healing viral problems like fever. Dry ginger is used for this remedy. For this, you need to boil ginger piece in water. Strain and consume the drink. You can also use dry ginger powder for this remedy.

Ginger Tea

Drink Chicken Soup

Chicken soup helps in treating the problem of cold and flu. Drink the soup when you have cold. It will help in thinning the mucus. Cook the soup by adding garlic and red chili flakes to it. It will improve the immunity and kill virus in the body.

Chicken Soup

Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation helps in healing cough, cold and flu. It helps in loosening the mucus deposited in nose and throat. Fill boiling water in a vessel, cover the head with a towel, bend over the vessel and inhale steam.


Get Sunlight

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for preventing and treating viral infections. It treats viral problems like cold and flu that occur when the weather is cold. You can get Vitamin D naturally by sitting in the sunlight for twenty minutes. Go outdoors and soak in the sun.



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