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10 Home Remedies To Treat Diarrhea In Children


Diarrhea can be a very serious problem for small children as they cannot express their views and will thus suffer a lot. The condition of diarrhea is mainly noticed by passage of stool that is very loose than the normal one. Passing of stools will be very frequent and thus the child will lose more water through the stools. It can be due to some sort of infections or any disturbance in the intestines. There can be various types of symptoms such as pain in the abdomen and many more. Parents should take care of their toddler and take care of the problem of diarrhea as soon as possible. Extra loss of water from the body can lead to serious results.

List Of 10 Home Remedies To Treat Diarrhea In Children


Buttermilk can help the infants to stay away from the problem of diarrhea. Parents should always take care to avoid the use of other dairy products other than buttermilk. It should be given to the small children as it can help in getting relief from the pain and continuous urge to pass down the stool.



Ginger can become one of the best kinds of remedies to treat the issue of diarrhea in small children. Children who are suffering from this problem should be given with ginger juice. It will not only help to get relief from the pain with diarrhea, but will also remove the infection caused in the stomach. Intake of ginger will take care of blood circulation and removes bacteria from intestines.


Honey Mixture

Honey along with dried form of ginger can be used to deal with diarrhea for small children. This mixture is one of the best solution that will reduce pain and any sort of infection in the stomach. You can properly mix the solution and allow the infant to suck this solution in frequent intervals. This can become the best solution.

honey mixture

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is also a good solution to tackle the problem of diarrhea in small children. Infants who are badly suffering from diarrhea problem must be provided with pomegranate juice as it will help in hardening the stool and remove the bacteria from the intestines. Proper kind of rehydration can also be done with this juice.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best solutions to keep diarrhea at stray among small children. The antibacterial nature of lemon juice will remove the bacteria from the intestines. Extract some fresh lemon juice and mix it with water. Drink this solution to remove the bacteria and add more amount of antioxidants to the human body.



Yogurt is also the best remedy to tackle the problem of diarrhea in small children. This particular type of dairy product is very perfect and contains good bacteria in it. Consumption of yogurt will help to remove the bad bacteria from the intestines and thus reduce the effect of diarrhea in children. They are safe for the body and do not possess any side effects.



Potatoes are also common in each and every house. It can be used in a perfect manner to take care of the diarrhea problem. Take some potatoes and boil them properly so that they become loose. Allow your infant to take some of these potatoes as it will help to harden the stools. There are no side effects of the same and the results are very satisfactory.


Rice Water

Rice water is the water that is left out when the rice is already boiled. This starchy type of liquid is good for the infants to reduce the problem of diarrhea. There are no side effects of this rice water and it will help to harden the stools. Cook some rice and feed your child with some of this rice water. It is best for health and treat diarrhea.

Rice Water

Papaya Solution

Papaya solution can be prepared at home and they prove to be the best type of solution to take care of diarrhea problem. Take one ripe papaya and add water to the chopped version of it. Boil it for some time and then strain the liquid. Now use this liquid to feed the child and it is sure that the child will surely recover from the problem of diarrhea.

papaya solution

Black Tea

Black tea is the tea that is extracted by simply boiling the tea leaves in simple water. There are no other additives such as milk and other ingredients to it. This tea is very rich source of tannic acid that can help to reduce the symptom of diarrhea in children. Prepare some of this tea and add lemon juice to it.

Black Tea


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