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10 Amazing Home Remedies For Treating Burns On Hands

Home Remedies For Treating Burns On Hands

Minor burns on hands are common at home, especially when you are in the kitchen. You can have minor burns on your hands by accidentally touching a microwave, hot stove or any other things that are hot. If you are having burns on your hands, then you need to try these home remedies. These home remedies work amazingly in treating as well as soothing such burns on hands.

Here Are The Top 10 Amazing Home Remedies For Healing The Burns On Your Hands:


When healing the burns on your hands, they become itchy. To treat the itchiness, apply oatmeal on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. Wash off the area with cold water. This treatment helps in soothing the redness and inflammation of the affected area. Follow this treatment several times to experience relief from the burns on the hands.


Ice Pack:

The ice pack is the first and the easiest home remedy that helps in treating the burns on the hands. Use ice cubes for soothing the burns. Wrap ice cubes in a clean towel and use it as a compress. This treatment can help provide relief from the burning sensation and soothe the affected area. For best results, use ice cubes directly on the burns because ice cubes help in numbing the nerves and even reduces redness and irritation.

Ice Pack

Egg White:

Egg white is also helpful for treating the burns on your hands. Whisk a few egg whites and use a cotton ball to apply on the burnt area. Using egg whites for healing the burns on your hands is an easy and effective remedy that helps reduce pain and swelling as well.

Egg White

Raw Potato:

Raw potato is a great remedy to soothe and heal the burns faster because of its anti-irritating and cooling properties. It even helps in reducing the risks of developing blisters on the affected area. Cut a potato into slices and use them to apply on the affected area. You need to make sure that the juice of the potato is well applied on the burnt area to get relieved instantly. Alternatively, you can extract the juice of a raw potato and apply it topically to the burns on your hands using cotton.

Raw Potato


Cornstarch is yet another easy home remedy for healing the burns on your hands. Prepare a paste using water and cornstarch. Apply it on the burns. This treatment helps soothe your burns, reduce pain, and minimize the redness of the burns.


Cold Milk:

Applying cold milk compress to the burns on your hands is an amazing remedy which provides quick relief. The coolness of the milk can help absorb the heat and even creates a layer of protein on the skin to heal and soothe the skin. Soak cotton or a clean cloth in cold milk. Squeeze off the excess milk. Drape it across the burns on your hands. Repeat the same for a few more minutes to experience relief from the burns.

Cold Milk

Aloe Gel:

The gel extracted from aloe vera has several medicinal and soothing properties. This is the reason why aloe gel acts as an incredible remedy for treating burns on your hands. Extract aloe gel from aloe vera plant and apply it on the burnt area. This remedy helps soothe the skin apart from reducing inflammation and redness of the burns.

Aloe Gel


Vinegar is yet another common remedy that helps in treating the burns on the hands. Use white vinegar for treating such burns. Use a cotton ball to dip in the bowl containing white vinegar. Dab it on the burnt skin. This treatment helps provide an instant relief. Alternatively, dip a cotton cloth in a solution diluted with white vinegar and water. Use this cloth as a compress on the burnt area. The antiseptic and astringent compounds in vinegar helps prevent the infections caused due to burns. Vinegar even helps in healing the affected skin quickly.



Cucumber can provide an instant relief from the burns. Not only this super ingredient has cooling properties to soothe burns but also have analgesic and antioxidant compounds that promote faster healing of the burns on your hands. Using cucumber pulp for your burns also helps in reducing pain, swelling, and redness as well.


Tea Bags:

Black tea bags not only help treat dark spots on your skin but are at your rescue for healing the burns on your hands. They contain tannic acid that helps in drawing the heat from the burnt skin. Add 2-3 tea bags in a bowl filled with warm water. Apply these tea bags on the burns. Alternatively, you can create a concoction by adding a few tea bags in a cup of water, along with a few drops of mint oil. Apply a compress on your burnt skin by dipping a clean cloth in this concoction to get relieved from the itchiness and inflammation.

Tea Bags


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