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10 Home Remedies For Thicker Eyelashes

Thicker Eyelashes

Each and every part of human beings are formed that serves for something better. It is very important to take care of these parts with utmost attention. Eyelashes are such kinds of parts that are generally attached to the eyes. They flip along with eyes when you blink the eyes. They are main reason for enhancing the beauty of the eyes. They help a person to look more attractive. There are various types of reasons that decide the type of eyelashes that a person possesses. Women are very fond of these eyelashes and want to grow more and better eyelashes. Poor diet and other reasons can lead to loss of the hairs that are present near the eyes.

Few Homes Remedies Can Help To Grow Proper Level Of Eyelashes On The Eye Area

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can help in growing better and gorgeous looking eyelashes. The gel that is present in the aloe Vera can treat the eyelashes in a very perfect manner. It helps them to grow these lashes and looks attractive. Apply the gel directly on the lashes on regular basis to get the proper results. It also helps them to make it stronger.

Aloe Vera

Castor Oil

Castor oil is very thick in nature and is most important to get thicker and stronger eyelashes near the eye. Take some pure version of this oil and apply it directly on the eyelashes without fail. It helps to get desired results. It will help to grow the lashes and makes it stronger from the base. They do not fall without any reasons.

Castor oil


Proper massage of the eyelid area can help to provide proper growth of the eyelashes. It is very important to ensure proper flow of blood in the eyelid area to provide nourishment to the lashes. Massaging with shea butter or other essential oils can help to improve better flow of blood and thus helps the lashes to grow properly.


Green Tea

Use of green tea is very effective to maintain the physical condition of eyelashes. It has good amount of caffeine that will help to maintain the growth level and avoids the immature falling of the hairs. Prepare some green tea and strain the liquid from it. Cool it for some time and then apply the solution near the eyelashes. Flavonoids present in this tea will help in this process.

Green tea


Eggs are good source of proteins that is necessary for maintenance of the hairs present in the eyelashes. Eggs also provide vitamin B and biotin that will help to provide better texture to the eyelashes. Take one egg and beat it properly. Add few amount of glycerin to it and then mix it properly. Apply this solution on the eyelashes to avoid further fall out of the hairs.


Peels Of Lemon

Lemon peels are generally discarded after extracting the juice from it. The peels of lemon contain folic acid and various other types of nutrients that will help in the growth process of eyelashes. Soak some of these peels in olive oil and apply this solution on the eyelashes for sometime just before going to bed. Repeat this step on regular basis.

Peels Of Lemon

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is generally used for external application on the skin. You can use this jelly directly on the eyelashes for its proper growth. Perform this step before going to bed. Leave it for overnight to make it work perfectly. It avoids the eyelashes to become dry and thus provides help to grow.

Petroleum Jelly

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very nutritious and is thus used to cure many problems. It can enhance the overall growth of the eyelashes and avoids it falling. You can use virgin olive oil on the eyelashes in regular manner. It is better to apply this oil before going to bed. It ensures perfect results as the oil is there for overnight to work properly.

olive oil

Almond Oil

Almond oil has rich source of vitamin E that is very essential to take care of the eyelashes. There are various other types of essential properties present in the almond oil that can help to gain proper results. You can directly apply pure form of almond oil directly to the eyelashes. Clean the hairs with warm water after the application of oil.

Almond oil

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing of the hairs present in the eyelashes can provide perfect results without fail. Use soft bristles comb on the hairs and do this regularly to maintain its growth. Carry out this step in upward direction. It is very easy to perform this step and it provides desired results.

Regular Brushing


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