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10 Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are not new kind of problem as it is already affecting a large number of people in the world. Huge numbers of people are getting affected from this particular problem. Sleep disorders can further lead to generation of various other health issues. A person suffering from this problem does not sleep continuously for few hours. Lack of sleep leads to generate various types of health problems. Reasons that can lead to such problems are stress, insomnia, restless leg problem and few others. It will be a perfect solution to use home remedies and get rid of the sleeping problem.

Best And Effective Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders Are:

Warm Milk

Warm milk

People who are badly suffering from the problem of sleep disorders must drink warm milk before going to bed.  It will help to provide nice and undisturbed sleep.  The amino acid present in milk is known as tryptophan that will help to induce sleep.  It is also going to provide soothing effect on the brain.  Make sure to drink one glass of warm milk before going to bed.

Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea that is generally consumed as normal tea possesses certain properties that can help to provide nice sleep during night time. The amino acid that is present in green tea is known as L-Theanine. It is going to calm down the mind and provide nice sleep. People suffering from the particular problem must drink green tea to reduce sleeping disorder.



Intake of curd is going to help in providing better results for people who are suffering from the issue of sleep disorders.  Take some plain curd and consume it daily.  It is rich source of tryptophan, which is going to help in providing sleep. Curd can be taken in regular diet in order to add tryptophan in the body and get rid of sleeping disorders.

Honey With Warm Water

Honey with Warm water

Honey is supposed to have soothing effect on the body and mind. A solution prepared by adding honey and warm water can help to calm down the mind and provide sleep.  Add some honey in warm water and drink the solution before going to bed.  Repeating the process daily will help to get rid of various types of sleeping disorders.



Almonds are special type of dry fruits that can contain melatonin as hormones.  This particular hormone is termed as sleeping hormone and can help to control sleep.  Eat sufficient amount of almonds in a day in order to increase this sleeping hormone in the body. Regular use of almonds will permanently cure the problem in short span of time.

Warm Water Bath

Warm Water Bath

Warm water bath can help to soothe the body and mind. People who are suffering from the issue of sleeping disorder must make a habit to take hot water bath before going to bed. The warm solution will calm the mind and help in relaxing. A relaxed mind will soon enter into sleeping mode. Soak the body around 20 minutes in this warm water.



Banana is going to help in providing better sleep during night time.  It is very rich source of amino acid called as tryptophan. This amino acid can help to increase the level of serotonin. It can thus help to regulate proper sleep during night time. People who are suffering from this problem should eat banana regularly to gain energy and avoid sleeping disorder problem.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is useful to provide relaxation to mind and will also provide soothing effect to the nerves.  Take some lemon balm leaves and boil it in water. Strain the liquid and drink this tea regularly to get better results. This tea should be used twice a day on regular basis for reducing sleep disorders issues.

Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt has rich source of magnesium sulfate that can help to calm the nerves and soothe the sore muscles. Epsom salt can thus be used to induce more sleep in a person who is deprived of proper sleep.  Add some Epsom salt to lukewarm water and soak the body in this solution for around 30 minutes. Try this method before going to sleep to get better sleep.

Oil Massage

Massage with Oil

Oil massage can help to relax the body muscles and provide proper sleep during night time. Use some specific type of oil such as coconut oil or mustard oil to massage the entire body and get relax. Heat some coconut oil or mustard oil and use it for massaging.  Repeat the process before going to bed. It helps in increasing blood circulation and soothes the nerves.


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