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10 Home remedies For sinusitis


The increasing health issues have become a greater concern in day to day life. Huge numbers of people are suffering from this problem and are losing their life due to improper medications. Sinusitis is a type of problem that is related to sinus. People are suffering from sinusitis problem and are suffering from various types of serious symptoms. The deadly type of symptoms of sinusitis becomes a headache in day to day life. It is thus better to take care of the issue and cure it on time. The main formation of sinus problems is due to allergies to certain factors. People suffering from this issue must keep these allergies in their mind to avoid it at any cost. Home remedies are also superb to cure the problem and reduce the deadly symptoms to certain extent.

List Of 10 Home remedies For sinusitis


Pineapples are special types of fruits that can help to cure the problem of sinusitis. It is rich in bromelain that can help to deal with the main issue. Intake of pineapple in raw form or juice form will help to reduce the inflammation caused in the nasal passage. The swelling can be reduced perfectly and thus the symptoms will be automatically reduced.


Clearing The Nasal Passage

The nasal passage should be properly cleaned to remove the allergens and thus getting cure from sinus problems. There are various types of methods to clean the nasal passage. You can inhale the vapor coming out from hot water and get relief from symptoms of sinusitis. Take some water and add salt to it. Put this solution in one passage and take it out from the other passage.



The person suffering from sinusitis problem should take care of the hydration process. Drinking of sufficient amount of water is going to help to stay properly hydrated and get rid of the sinus problem. Water will help to take care of the metabolism process and removes toxins from the body. Thus, drink more water during the entire day to get relief from the associated symptoms.


Inhaling Steam

Steam inhalation is a good idea as it will help to cleanse the nasal passage without any issues. Steam is good in nature and it will also help to reduce inflammation inside the nasal passage. Take some hot water and add essential oils to it. Now cover your head and inhale the entire vapor for cleansing the nasal passage in an innovative manner.


Lime Juice

Intake of juice is always preferred during cure of sinusitis. Fruit juice such as lime can help to add more water content to the body and get rid of the irritants present in the nasal passage. The antioxidants present in the lime juice will also help to clear off the toxins that can also lead to generation of the various symptoms.

Lime Juice

Warm Compress

Warm compress is also going to help in this regard. People who are regularly suffering from sinus problems should use the warm compress method to reduce the effects. Take one towel and soak the towel in hot water. Now squeeze the towel to remove the excess water and then place the towel on the nose area. It will help to get relief from allergens.

Warm Compress

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is spicy in nature and is thus used to prepare food dishes. This type of pepper will help to cure the sinusitis problem. Use of cayenne pepper will generate flow of mucus through the nasal passage and thus remove the allergens present in the passage. It is also perfect to clean and open the nasal passage within specific time period.

Cayenne Pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar that is used for food dishes can be used to deal with the problem of sinusitis. The alkaline nature of the vinegar is superb to put a hold on the allergies. Take some pure apple cider vinegar and add honey to it. Drink this solution around twice in a day to get relief from sinusitis problem. It will loosen the mucus present in the nasal passage.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Grapefruit seeds are special types of solution to deal with sinusitis problem. Prepare some perfect extract from the grapefruit and use it as nasal spray. Use of this spray will clear off the nasal passage and help get rid of sinusitis problem.



Onions contains antibacterial nature, which is very helpful to deal with sinusitis problem. People who are continuously suffering from this major problem should increase their intake of onions in their diet. You can cut some onions slices and boil it in water. Inhale the vapor coming out from the water to treat sinus issues.




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