10 Home Remedies For Pimples Under The Skin

Pimples under the skin are also called as blind pimples because they do not give a head over the skin. They simply appear as swollen, red bump over the skin. This is called as papule. It is painful and unaesthetic. They occur due to excessive oil produced by the overactive sebaceous glands of the skin, which gets inhabited by the bacteria.

Here Are 10 Home Remedies For Pimples Under The Skin

1. Make A Cinnamon And Honey Mask

Honey and cinnamon both have anti-biotic properties and can control the growth of bacteria and fungi over the skin. The substance responsible for causing this effect in cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde. Mix about 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder so as to prepare a paste out of them. Apply this paste over the blind pimples and allow the paste to dry and then wash the skin with lukewarm water.

Make A Cinnamon And Honey Mask

2. Milk And Honey Pack

Honey is an effective anti-microbial agent and helps combat the pathogens. Milk is a source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which can unclog the oil pores of the skin. Add one tablespoon of milk to one tablespoon of honey and mix the ingredients well. Apply the mix on the affected skin and gradually add new layer after the previous layer of honey and milk mix dries. Let it get absorbed by the skin. Wash it off with clean water after 15 minutes.

Milk And Honey Pack

3. Egg-White

Egg white contains essential proteins and vitamins which can help form the new skin cells. They can also soak the excess sebum secreted by the skin glands. Separate the egg-white from its yolk. Whisk the whites till they become frothy in consistency. Apply the mixture gradually in layers, ensuring that the first layer dries before applying the next layer. Let the mixture dry and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Moisturize the skin after this.

Use Egg Whites

4. Papaya

Papaya contains an enzyme papain, which can reduce the skin inflammation and can also control the blind pimples by eliminating the excess oil accumulated over the skin. Take the flesh of a raw papaya and mash the contents well. Apply it over the skin and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it completely after it dries. If the skin gets too dry, apply a moisturizer after rinsing.


5. Orange Peel Mask

The face mask prepared from an orange peel can help control the pimples under the skin. They are full of astringent properties and can unclog the clogged skin pores. Grind a few orange peels so as to prepare a powder out of them. Add a little water to the powder. Prepare a paste which is of a suitable consistency to be applied over the face. After applying it, allow it to dry in 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse the face with clean water.

Orange Peel Mask

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has medicinal properties. It is anti-bacterial and can sweep away the bacteria from inhabiting the clogged skin pores. It also unblocks the oily skin pores and keeps the skin hydrated. However, remember to use the tea tree oil in a dilute form. Dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil. Apply this on the affected area. Let it stay around 15 minutes and then rinse the face with lukewarm water.

tea tree oil in a dilute form

7. Strawberries And Honey Pack

Strawberries contain high amounts of salicylic acid, which enables the epidermal cells to shed off readily. It can also assist in keeping the skin pores clean and hydrated. Honey as mentioned is anti-bacterial in nature. Take 2-3 fresh strawberries and mash them well so as to make a paste. Add around one tablespoon of honey to this and apply over the affected area. Let it stay there for some time to dry. Rinse the skin with clean water.

Strawberries And Honey Pack

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel has a wide range of uses when it comes to skin diseases. It is anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory in nature. This can help reduce the redness, swelling and the bacterial growth in the pimple prone region. Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and peel its cover. Scoop out the inner fluid and apply this fluid on the affected area. Let it dry and then rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Aloe Vera

9. Lemon Juice

Lemon contains citric acid, which can rejuvenate the skin, naturally. The lemon juice is also an astringent and when applied topically, it dries the pimples by contracting the tissue. You can either apply the lemon juice directly on the skin or if you feel that the skin is too sensitive to it, then mix the lemon juice with some rosewater and then apply it over the skin using a cotton swab. Let it dry and then rinse it well with clean water.

Use Lemon Juice

10. Green Tea

Green tea can help detoxify the skin because it contains many antioxidants. They help to neutralize the effects of free radicals and saves the skin from their harmful effects. Prepare green tea by adding the tea leaves in a bowl of boiling water. Allow it to steep for some time and then strain the mixture. Drink it daily to get the benefits. Otherwise, use this to apply over the face for some time and then rinse the face with water.

drinking green tea


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