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10 Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails


The problem of ingrown toenails has become very common among people and they want to solve the problem as soon as possible. It will be perfect if the condition is solved in a very natural way and avoid using any medications. Treating the problem of ingrown toenails is now very easy as well as painless. If the problem is left as it is, then it leads to infection that can cause serious trouble. Home remedies are very helpful in this case to cure ingrown toenails problem. You can use some of the best home remedies to get best results. They are safe and will provide perfect results on time. Applying the various remedies on time can provide the desired types of results.

List Of 10 Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails

Trim Down With Cutter

The process of trimming the nail is the first and the foremost process to get rid of ingrown toenails problem. Use a plain nail cutter to cut down the nails in a very specific manner. Do not cut the nails deep to the edges as it can further deteriorate the condition. Be alert while using the cutter and cut the extra parts of the nails. Maintain proper distance while using the cutter.


Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is the best remedy to deal with ingrown toenails problem. Epsom salt will soothe the exact part of the leg and provide the best solution. Take some Epsom salt and mix it well in the bath tub. Soak the entire leg in this solution for some time, till you find relief from pain. Epsom salt has the natural property to cure infection problem.

Epsom Salt

Warm Water Dip

This process can also provide the best kind of solution in ingrown toenails problem. There are many other ways to use warm water solution. Simply take some warm water in a tub and dip the affected nails in the warm water. Keep the leg inside the water for some time. Soaking warm water will soften the nails and provide greater relief.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also rated as one of the best solution to deal with ingrown toenails problem. The vinegar has good properties that will avoid formation of infection and will also help to provide relief from pain and swelling. Take some apple cider vinegar and mix it in water. Soak the feet in this water. You can directly apply the vinegar at the exact location.

apple cider vinegar


Lemons can be used directly on the affected ingrown toenails area to stop the infection and provide relief. Take one thin slice of lemon and tie it on the affected nail. Use clean gauze to tie the sliced lemon on the nail. Keep the bandage for overnight and open it the next day morning to see best results. The infection will be reduced to certain extent.



Alcohol can also prove to be best while treating ingrown toenails in a descent manner. Alcohol contains spirit part that will clean off the infection and avoid further complications. Keep on applying alcohol on the affected nail area till you find relief from the pain and infection caused at the area. It is very easy as well as effective process.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide if present at home can be used to treat the issue of ingrown toenails problem. It is a very good solution to deal with the problem as it will help to reduce the intensity of the infection. Soak some hydrogen peroxide into a cotton ball and apply it on the particular infected area for some time. It will surely yield best results.

hydrogen peroxide

Vicks Ointment

Vicks ointment is a very common type of ointment that can be found in every home. This ointment contains proper type of menthol that can help to deal with the problem of ingrown toenails. Simply apply some of this ointment on the nail and wait for some time to see the results. It will help to heal the infection in an effective manner.



Moisturizers as well as lotions can also play a very good role in the maintenance of ingrown toenails. Simply apply some good moisturizers as well as lotions on the infected nails. This will help to reduce the pain and inflammation caused in the nails. The extra swelling that is formed near the nails will also be reduced in perfect manner.


Coal Oil

Use of coal oil on the ingrown toenails area can also provide relief from pain as well as infection. It is a traditional type of therapy that can be used to deal with problems related to ingrown toenails. The healing properties of coal oil will help get rid of bacteria and other infection causing agents near the nail.



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