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10 Home Remedies For Impetigo

10 Home Remedies For Impetigo

When there is an infection on the skin of facial parts, neck, and limbs, we term the condition as impetigo. The main cause of this skin infection is the attack of bacteria on the skin that leads to an infection. It can be due to cut or injury in the body in which the skin is cut. Also, scabies, eczema and insect bites can cause impetigo. Poor hygiene, reduced immunity and hot weather are conditions that worsen the problem. Due to this, red sores and fluid filled blisters form on the skin. There is itching and lesions in the body. Good hygiene helps in avoiding the skin infection. Home remedies give a lot of relief in impetigo. We will suggest some effective remedies for this.

Following Are The 10 Home Remedies For Impetigo:

1. Use White Vinegar:

White vinegar helps in removing the scabs on skin affected by impetigo, which leads to a faster healing of the skin infection [1]. Dilute the vinegar by adding water to it. Use one-tablespoon vinegar for one pint water. Use the solution for cleaning the scabs on the skin.

Use White Vinegar


2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

Besides the white vinegar, it is also beneficial to use apple cider vinegar for healing skin infection caused by impetigo [2]. For this, apply the apple cider vinegar on affected skin areas with a dabbing movement. Use cotton for this. Do this ten times daily. This is a folk remedy for impetigo problem.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar


3. Use Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is useful for fighting infantile impetigo in children who are two to five years old [3]. For this, extract aloe gel by cutting open an aloe vera leaf and taking out the pulp or gel inside it. Apply the aloe gel on your child’s skin in areas with impetigo infection.

Use Aloe Vera

4. Use Guava Concoction:

Guava concoction can heal the problem of impetigo very effectively [4]. Mix the guava concoction with lavender essential oil. Also, mix essentials oils like tagets and myrrh with the above. First, wash the skin with water with cotton and water. Make a compress with the above mixture. Apply the compress on the skin.

Use Guava Concoction

5. Use Calendula Infusion Bath:

Taking a calendula infusion bath helps in fighting infantile impetigo in small children [5]. For this, mix three teaspoon of calendula herb or extract with half liter boiling water and make an infusion. Bathe your child with this solution. The calendula bath heals skin infection due to its antiseptic properties. It reduces the pain of impetigo.

Use Calendula Infusion Bath

6. Use Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil can be used for healing impetigo problem [6] . For this, apply the tea tree oil on affected skin areas with the help of cotton. It will reduce dryness in the skin while healing rashes on it.

Use Tea Tree Oil

7. Use Garlic:

Garlic helps in reducing the itching in the skin caused by impetigo [7]. Crush garlic and grind it to get a fine paste. Apply the garlic paste on affected skin areas with infection. Also, it is beneficial to eat garlic. You can also take garlic capsules.


8. Use Grape Seed Oil:

Grape seed oil used with some essential oils helps in healing the skin infection of impetigo [8]. For this, use chamomile oil. Mix the oil with grapeseed oil. Also, mix wheatgerm oil with it. apply the oil mixture on the affected skin parts with the help of cotton.

Use Grape Seed Oil

9. Use Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E is useful for fighting blisters on the skin caused by impetigo [9]. For this, break open one or two capsules of Vitamin E and take out the liquid or oil inside it. Apply the Vitamin E liquid on affected skin areas for healing the blisters.

Use Vitamin E Oil

10. Use Cabbage Juice:

Cabbage juice can help in healing skin infection on the face due to impetigo [10]. For this, extract juice from cabbage leaves. Mix the juice with an acid soap. Apply the mixture on the face and clean the skin with it. Wash the skin after that. Do this remedy two times daily.

Use Cabbage Juice



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