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10 Home Remedies For Hair Problems


Hairs play a very important kind of role in providing a dashing personality. It is very much required to maintain the overall beauty of the person. Long hairs need to be maintained on regular basis as they badly suffer from dry as well as thinning problem. The case of dry and thinning of hair should be treated as a major problem and proper care must be taken for it. Dry hair will soon lose its moisture and will fall down. Deficiency of protein in the hair will lead to such kinds of hair related problem. People are trying various kinds of methods to cure this common problem. Application of home remedies can help to get rid from these problems and take care of hair at the same time.

Here Are The List Of 10 Home Remedies For Hair Problems

Oil Massage

Oil massage is a very old method to provide nourishment to the roots and avoid excessive drying of hair. Warm oil massage is best for hair that has become thin and dry. Take some coconut oil and warm is slightly. Now apply the entire oil on the hair and scalp for some time. This will enhance the blood circulation and will help the hair to grow properly.



Eggs are rich source of protein that can help to bring back moisture to the hair. Application of egg mask on the hair will surely help to avoid dryness and add nourishment to the base of hair. Take one or two eggs and beat it properly. Gently apply the mask on the entire hair and allow it to dry. Wash it with shampoo and water after few minutes.



Avocado is a best type of solution to deal with thin and dry hair. Avocado contains proper types of ingredients that will help to avoid extra thinning of hair. Take one ripe avocado and smash it properly. Add some banana and olive oil to it. Mix it properly and then apply it on the entire hair. Allow it to dry and then wash it with water.


Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is one of the ultimate solutions to avoid drying and thinning of hair on the scalp. There are lots of benefits of using Indian gooseberry for hair purpose. Take some Indian gooseberry in powder form and add coconut oil to it. Warm the solution and apply it on the entire hair. Apply this during night time and wash the hair with shampoo the next morning.

indian gooseberry


Banana is also termed to be one of the best solutions to treat dry as well as thin hairs. It is very rich source of vitamin A, B and C. the presence of iron, potassium and zinc will help to take care of the hair from root. Take one ripe banana and make paste of it. Apply this mask on the hair and allow it to dry for some time. Wash it with clean water.



Yogurt is also perfect type of solution to deal with dry and thin hair. Yogurt has no doubt huge numbers of health benefits. It can also be used as hair mask to deal with excessive dryness problem. Take some yogurt and apply it on the entire scalp and hair. Keep it to dry the yogurt for some time and then wash it with shampoo to clean it properly.


Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe Vera can also be used to treat dry and thin hair. The gel that is present in aloe Vera will help to retain the moisture content of the hair. Add some hibiscus flower extract to it in order to prepare a best solution. This solution can be applied to provide thick hair that contains proper moisture in it.

Aloe Vera

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds have always helped to take care of hair. The positive properties of fenugreek seeds will avoid formation of dandruff and will allow the hair to properly grow. Soak some fenugreek seeds during night time and then make paste of it. Apply this paste on the entire scalp and allow the paste to dry for few minutes. Wash it with water to remove the paste from the scalp.



Onion juice is very perfect type of treatment for dry as well as thin hair. Onions are rich source of sulfur that will help to take care of the scalp and hair. Take one raw onion and extract the juice from it. Apply this juice on the hair and scalp. This will avoid the thinning of hair and will provide moisture. Wash it with water after few minutes.



Flaxseeds are used to deal with thin hair problem. It is very rich source of protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Soak some flaxseeds in water for overnight and boil it in water for few minutes. Wait till the gel like foam appears on the top. Use this solution on the hair to get desired results.



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