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10 Home Remedies For Gas Pain In Toddlers

Gas Pain In Toddlers

Formation of gas is very natural during digestion process. Excessive formation of gas can lead to serious results as they can cause serious pain in the stomach. The condition can get further deteriorated day by day. There can be various types of reasons for the formation of gas such as bacterial infection, intake of spicy foods, stress and other reasons. There are wide ranges of solutions for treating gas problems. It will be better to opt for home remedies that can cure the problem without many issues.

Home Remedies For Gas Pain In Toddlers Are:

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (2)

Apple cider vinegar can be one of the best home remedy that can help to cure the issue of gas. It is very effective in curing indigestion problem leading to gas. This vinegar will help in getting relief from pain that is caused due to excessive gas in the stomach. Take some apple cider vinegar with warm water. It is very good method to get relief from gas symptoms.


Garlic (2)

Garlic has healing properties that can help to get relief from gas problems. Intake of garlic in diet can help to boost up the digestion process and thus provides relief from pain. People suffering from gas problems should take garlic soup for better relief. Garlic tea is also going to help in this regard. The burning sensation due to gas can also be easily avoided.

Using Of Buttermilk


Buttermilk has always proved to be better for enhancing digestion process in the human body. Buttermilk along with black salt and carom seeds can create best results for gas. Take some carom seeds and black salt in buttermilk. Mix it well and take it after eating meals. It is going to help in proper digestion and thus get rid of formation of gas.

Lemon And Baking Soda

Baking soda and Lemon

Lemon when mixed with baking soda will prepare best kind of antacid that can treat the problem of gas. Take some lemon juice and add it to baking soda. Put this solution into a cup of water and mix it properly. Take this liquid for removing all kinds of gas in the stomach. It will provide instant relief from gas and its related issues. Repeat the process for better results.



Ginger has proved to be useful for curing indigestion problem. It will easily relieve gas from the stomach and provide relief from intensive pain. Take some grated ginger, cardamom and fennel. Mix this properly and add a cup of water. Asafetida can be added to this solution. Try to drink this solution twice a day for better results. Repeat the process every time you come across gas problem.

Using Cinnamon


Cinnamon has lots of medicinal properties such as soothing effect to the stomach. It will prevent the formation of gas in the stomach. Add cinnamon powder into a cup of warm milk and drink it for best results. Honey can also be added to this solution. Repeat this process in order to combat the issue of gas. It is effective in providing result in short period of time.

Fennel Seeds

Fennels Seeds

Fennel is proved to be the best home remedy in order to treat gas related problems. Take some fennel seeds and keep it inside a pan of water. Boil the solution and then strain the liquid properly. Drink this solution for best results. Fennel seeds can also be chewed in gentle manner in order to get positive results. It will perfectly cure the issue of gas.



Asafetida has properties such as anti flatulent as well as anti spasmodic properties for best results. It can easily cure the issue of gas in people of all age group. Take some amount of asafetida and add to a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this solution for thrice a day in order to remove all gas from the stomach. Applying asafetida paste on stomach can also provide effective results.



Cardamom is a very common type of spice that can be found in almost all kitchens. It will help to get relief from gas problems. Cardamom can be taken in regular diets to derive the benefits from it. Take some cardamom powder and add to food items while preparing it. Cardamom tea can also help in getting better results from gas problems.



Peppermint can be the best solution to cure the issue of gas. Add some amount of peppermint leaves into water and boil it. Strain the liquid and then add honey to it. Try to drink this tea for 2-3 times in a day. Repeating the process will release gas from the stomach.



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