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10 Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

dry eyes

Eyes are the main reason for creating vision for all living beings. Eyes are very delicate in nature and can suffer from any type of issues. People should take care of their eyes in various types of ways. Eyes can suffer from issues due to wide numbers of reasons. Dry eyes are one type of problem that can cause irritation in the eyes and it can also lead to lose of vision at some point of time. It is better to take care of this problem and cure it at the initial stage. The main reason for dry eyes is the presence of gland. These glands are responsible to generate lubricants during blinking of eyes. In case of dry eyes, these glands do not produce sufficient amount of lubricants.

Home Remedies Can Be Helpful To Deal With Such Kinds Of Problems


Drinking of water in sufficient amount is supposed to solve the problem of dry eyes. Proper level of hydration in the body makes sure to add more water to the body and hence conditions such as dry eyes are avoided. Water content should be balanced by drinking more amount of water throughout the day.



Cucumbers are very helpful to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes. Cucumber generally provides cooling effects to the eyes and can also help to relax the eyes. Cut some cucumber slices and place it on the eye area for some time. It will help to relax the eyes and the glands will become perfect for generation lubricating materials.


Castor Oil

Castor oil can be found at home as they are used for various types of methods. The oil that is extracted from castor can be directly applied on the eye to add lubricating effect to the eyes. Application of castor oil to the eyes will take care of the meibomian glands present in the eye. Put a single drop of this oil on regular intervals.

castor oil


Flaxseeds contains good amount of omega 3 fatty acids that are quite necessary to avoid the condition of dry eyes. It is also helpful to cure various other types of diseases. Take some flaxseeds and chew them properly on regular basis. Intake of flaxseeds will add the essential oils to the eyes and thus take care of the dry eye problem.


Rose Water

Rose water has always been used to maintain the health of eye. Rose water that is used for beauty purpose can be used for eyes in order to avoid dry eye problem. This is a very natural type of remedy and will not pose any sort of side effects. Take some pure form of rose water and put two drops into the eye on regular basis.

Rose Water

Cold Milk

Cold milk is good for taking care of the eye. It helps to remove all kinds of dust particles from the eye and also avoids formation of infections. Take some cold milk and soak one cotton ball in this solution. Apply the solution on the upper part of the eye and close the eye for some time. It will add relaxing effect to the eyes.



Almonds are special kinds of dry fruits that can help to take care of the eye and avoid any sort of eye related problems. Almonds are very rich source of omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids. Intake of these fatty acids will maintain proper lubrication in the eye and thus avoids dry eye issue. Chew some almonds on regular basis.


Warm Compress

Warm compress is a good process that can be done at home. Take some hot water and soak one clean towel in it. Now squeeze the towel to drain the water and then apply the warm towel on the face. Keep the towel on the face for some time and then remove it. Regular use of this technique will help the glands to relax and provide lubrication.

Warm Compress


Walnuts are another source of good omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. Regular intake of walnuts will add these essential types of fatty acids to the body and thus take care of the eyes. The eye will get proper nutrition and can thus produce lubricating oil in the eyes. Consume walnuts on regular manner till the problem is not cured.



Consumption of grapes can add more nutrition to the entire body and thus the eyes can be maintained in a perfect manner. All kinds of retinal problems can be cured and the glands also produce perfect lubrication oil. Prepare some grape juice and drink them on a regular basis.



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