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10 Home Remedies For Bad Breath

10 Home Remedies For Bad BreathThe problem of bad breath is also known as halitosis. This is a very embarrassing kind of problem that can lead to serious types of results. It will be better to take care of the oral hygiene that can assure to avoid such kinds of incidents. Few factors are responsible for the formation of bad breath such as smoking, sinus problem, dry mouth, odorous food and gum problems. Bacteria can slowly build up in the teeth as well as tongue. It leads to formation of bad breath. Many people are suffering from this particular problem. Apply few home remedies to take care of the problem and get rid of the bad odor. Use the ingredients available at home to cure the problem.

10 Home Remedies For Bad Breath:

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are very effective to treat the problem of bad breath. It mainly acts as mouth freshener that will remove the bad odor. The antimicrobial nature of these seeds will remove all kinds of bacteria from the mouth. Chew some of these seeds and extract the juice from it. Fennel tea can be prepared at home in order to provide best results.

Fennels Seeds


Cinnamon is an effective type of solution to take care of bad breath problem. It contains one essential oil named as cinnamic aldehyde. This particular oil will not only help to get rid of the bacteria, but will also help to remove the odor. Powder some cinnamon sticks and add it to boiling water. Add some cardamom powder and strain the liquid. Drink this solution to get best results.


Fenugreek Seeds

The problem of bad breath can also be caused due to other kinds of infections. Fenugreek seeds contain curative properties to cure the problem and remove the infections. Boil some of these fenugreek seeds in water and boil it properly. Strain this solution properly and drink it on regular basis. Keep doing this process on regular basis.



Cloves are also effective to take care of bad breath problem. It contains mouth freshener properties that will deal with the problem. The anesthetic property will also reduce pain. Take some cloves and keep it in the mouth for few minutes. Soak the juice from it and get the best results. Clove tea is also effective to carry out same results.



Parsley leaves that are used in salads and other dishes can be utilized to take care of the oral problems. The chlorophyll present in parsley will remove the bad breathe and provide refreshing property. Chew some of these parsley leaves for a better fresh experience. Its juice can also be extracted and taken for same kinds of results.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is best for the overall health. It will also maintain proper refreshing nature of the mouth. Lemon juice is mainly acidic in nature. The acidic property does not allow any sort of infection causing agent to survive. Drink some lemon juice in regular intervals to add vitamin C to the body. This juice can also be used to rinse the entire mouth.

Lemon juice

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is widely used to cure various types of problems. It is a natural type of agent that can deal with the problem of bad breath. It will perfectly maintain the pH of the mouth and will not allow any sort of infection to grow. Take some apple cider vinegar and add it to equal amount of water to it. Rinse the mouth with this solution.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Baking Soda

Baking soda is helpful to deal with bad breath issue. Use of baking soda will help in balancing the level of acid in the mouth and thus avoids bad odor. Take some baking soda and add it to water. Rinse the entire mouth with this solution and get rid of the problem. It can also be used while brushing the teeth to extract its benefits.

Baking Soda

Green Tea

Green tea has certain types of properties that will reduce the effect of bad breath and will avoid the formation of such kinds of embarrassing problem. Prepare some hot green tea and add little honey to it. Drink this tea to counteract the effect of the problem. The antioxidants will remove the toxins from the mouth and help in getting better breath.

Green tea


Guava can serve as the best solution to cure bad breath problem. Guava has rich source of malic acid, tannic acid as well as oxalate. Vitamin C present in guava will help to boost the immunity and prevent the formation of any sort of infections. Consume some guava to get best nutrients and handle the oral problems.



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