10+ Herbal Benefits Of Calendula Or Garden Marigold

marigold benefits

Calendula or garden marigold is not only an ornamental plant ,but it has some incredible healing properties as well. Calendula is mostly used for the treatment of dry/damaged skin. It promotes the healing process and regeneration of the skin since, it has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has been used since ages for healing of wounds and ulcers. Its anti-septic properties improves the blood flow to the affected area, hence aiding the recovering process. According to some studies Calendula also has anti-spasmodic properties, therefore, it has been used to relieve menstrual cramps.Fresh calendula petals can be brewed in boiling water and used to treat minor infections, conjunctivitis, sore gums etc. Calendula in form of oil is also effective in protecting against premature aging and thinning of the skin. It is useful in prevention of the dreaded crow’s feet (especially under eyes).Read the following article to know more about this amazing plant.

10+ Herbal Benefits Of Calendula Or Garden Marigold



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