10 Health Tips For Scoliosis Pain Relief

Tips For Scoliosis Pain Relief

When the spine becomes curved, there is a pain in the back and the condition is known as scoliosis. Sometimes, the curve is seen by the eyes and sometimes it is not noticed. Some people have pain while others may not have it. The main cause of this problem is a wrong posture with prolonged sitting on a desk or computer and bending of the back while using a Smartphone.

Apart from pain, there are body changes like one large and protruding shoulder blade. The hips can become uneven. There is body stiffness, breathing problems and prominent ribs in some people. There are many ways to fight this problem. We will give some tips for dealing with the scoliosis pain.

Following Are The 10 Health Tips For Scoliosis Pain Relief:

1. Use Hot Pack:

It is possible to get relief from pain, stiffness, and spasms of scoliosis by heat therapy. For this, use a hot pack. Cover the pack with a cloth or towel. Apply on the painful areas of the body for twenty to thirty minutes.[1] It will give immediate relief from pain.

Use Hot Pack

2. Use Cold Pack:

Besides using a hot pack, it is also beneficial to use a cold compress to heal swelling and inflammation in the body. Make a cold pack and apply on painful areas for twenty minutes. Another option is to fill the frozen vegetables in fabric and use it as a cold compress.[2]

Use Cold Pack

3. Correct Your Sitting Posture:

Maintain the correct posture while sitting at a desk or computer. Sit on a chair with a straight back instead of bending and slouching on the desk. [3]Keep the back straight and maintain a tall posture while sitting.

Correct Your Sitting Posture

4. Wear A Brace:

Growing children who have a mild curvature in the spine due to scoliosis can benefit by using a brace. Get a brace made that fits the body of your child. Encourage the child to wear the brace and feel comfortable with it. For this, the chest measurements should be taken with care while measuring the child. Give family support to the child.[4]

Wear A Brace:

5. Do Yoga:

There are many yoga exercises for reducing the bulge of the scoliosis curve in the spine. The side-support poses of yoga are very effective for this purpose. The twisting yoga poses also help a lot. Doing six months of yoga has been found to be useful in fighting scoliosis problem. Thus, do yoga for reducing scoliosis pain.[5]

Do Yoga

6. Do Swimming:

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that helps in reducing scoliosis pain. It helps in improving lung functioning. It is a good exercise for the body muscles that can reduce scoliosis problems. It is beneficial to swim in fresh water.[6]

Do Swimming

7. Do Stretching Exercises:

The physical therapy treatment for scoliosis involves doing stretching and strengthening exercises. For an easy stretching movement, stand straight on the floor. Lift both arms above the body and stretch them straight upwards.[7]

Do Stretching Exercises

8. Do Sideways Walk And High Kicks Exercise:

Exercises that help in making the trunk area of the body strong and stabilized are useful for people who have scoliosis. Doe easy beginner exercises initially before doing other exercises. For this, you can do warm-up laps and sideways walk. Besides these exercises, you should do high kicks exercises.[8]

Do Sideways Walk And High Kicks Exercise

9. Do Pilates:

Pilates exercises are helpful for people who suffer from scoliosis. It helps in making the core abdominal muscles very strong. Thus, you should do Pilates exercises.[9]

Do Pilates

10. Do Massage:

It is beneficial to do massage along with exercises for fighting pain and problems caused by scoliosis. Always consult a doctor before doing the massage. Take the massage treatment from a certified and trained expert who knows how to do the massage in a correct way. Massage helps in improving blood circulation and strengthening the muscles. You can do rolfing massage.[10]

 Do Massage





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