10 Health Benefits Of Eggplants


Though botanically a fruit, the eggplant has always found it’s utility in the kitchen as a vegetable. Glossy to look and bearing a spongy texture, the eggplant is also known by the names of Brinjal and Aubergine. It belongs to the nightshade family of sweet potatoes and peppers. Brinjal is native to the Indian subcontinent and is now grown throughout in tropical and semitropical regions. Eggplant is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and compounds that keep chronic diseases away.

The Various Health Benefits Of Eggplant Are

Controls Cholesterol And Keeps The Heart Healthy

Compounds present in eggplant are known to maintain cholesterol and keep high cholesterol under control. This healthy cholesterol level prevents the instance of heart ailments as it relaxes the blood vessels and improves blood flow, and the potassium in eggplant also protects the heart from strokes and other kinds of damage.



Eggplants contain compounds like chlorogenic acid which are antioxidant in nature. They prevent the oxidation of cells which is the root cause of diseases, hence the intake of eggplants helps in fighting diseases and keeping the system healthy.


Prevents Cancers

Eggplants contain anthocyanins  and chlorogenic acid that has antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage. Colon and skin cancers are combated from the intake of eggplants. Nausunin is also a compound that is present in this fruit which can fight cancer causing cells and prevent the growth of tumors.


Low Calorie

Loaded with nutrients and low in calories, eggplants are ideal for weight watchers. They are high in soluble fibers and about 100 gm of eggplant supplies only 24 calories and should be incorporated into a low-calorie diet for helping in reducing weight.

Weight Loss


The high content of soluble fibers and low fat carbohydrates make eggplant a healthy choice for diabetes 2 patients.They regulate the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream and control the blood sugar levels which is beneficial for diabetes patients.


Protects The Brain

The phytonutrients in the eggplant help in healthy nerve cell transmissions and also help in preserving the memory functions and keep the cognitive functions healthy.


Iron Content

Eggplants have high amounts of iron which are required by the body for blood production and oxygen transmission, but too much of iron in the body can lead to toxin production. Eggplants contain Nau sun in that helps in removing excess iron from the body and eliminates the toxins from the system.These toxins can lead to a number of chronic diseases like cancers and heart diseases.

blood cells

Increases Immunity

Eggplants have anti-viral and antibacterial properties that help the system in fighting diseases and the vitamin C in this fruit helps in increasing the immunity of the body.



The soluble fibers in eggplant aid in digestion and keeps the stomach healthy by preventing constipation. It contains good amounts of water content which help in smooth bowel movements and excretes waste effectively out of the body.


Skin And Hair Care

The vitamins, minerals and fibers in brinjal helps in removing the toxins from the body to give a clear, flawless and glowing skin. The antioxidants in this fruit prevent aging and keeps the texture of the skin firm.

Healthy Hair

The intake of eggplant provides nourishment to the scalp and keeps the hair follicles strong and healthy. and people suffering from brittle hair should consume brinjal to overcome this problem.


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