10 Harmful Effects Of Skipping Breakfast


Harmful Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

How many of you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Almost everyone. However, we still tend to skip this important meal often for losing weight and low-calorie intake. The more you skip, the more you are at risk of various harmful diseases. So, please take a look how you are ruining your health by skipping your breakfast.

1. Gaining More Weight:

What? Surprised with the title. People who are willing to lose their weight have a habit of skipping the most important meal called Breakfast. However, skipping breakfast won’t let you lose your weight rather it higher the chances of weight gain. It increases your hunger levels and you end up in gorging down fatty and sugary food whole day. This might increase the daily calorie intake recommended by experts which lead to weight gain.

More Weight

2. Develops Cancer Cells:

Skipping breakfast increases the chance of obesity because you tend to eat a higher quantity of food whole day. According to experts, people who skip breakfast regularly are unfit and obese and are more prone to develop cancer cells.

Cancer Cells

3. Risk Of Heart Attack:

People who skip breakfast have more chances of heart attack than people who eat breakfast regularly. So, make a habit of indulging yourself in a healthy breakfast routine and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Heart Attack

4. Affects Your Metabolism:

In order to start your day with proper metabolism, surely eat breakfast. Your metabolism completely depends on the first meal you take after a gap of almost 10 to 12 hours. People who eat breakfast, have a higher metabolism.


5. Affects Your Energy Levels:

Skipping breakfast can lower your energy levels and have a negative impact on your mood. It affects your memory and fatigue levels as well. So eat breakfast in order to boost your energy levels and a sharp memory.

Energy Levels

6. Prone To Type-2 Diabetes:

According to a research, people who are skipping their breakfast are more prone to develop type-2 diabetes. The risk of developing type-2 diabetes is almost above 50%. So, think twice before skipping the most important meal.


7. Migraine Attacks:

Skipping breakfast can trigger a migraine pain because when we skip the most important meal of the day, our sugar levels go down abruptly due to which a release of hormones gets triggered which results in low glucose level and increases the blood pressure level. To keep migraines at bay, eat breakfast everyday.


8. Baldness Or Hair Loss:

Baldness or hair loss is one of the main side-effects of skipping breakfast regularly. When you are skipping your breakfast, you are low on protein intake which affects the keratin level of your hair which in turn triggers hair loss and averts your normal hair growth causing baldness. Choose high protein breakfast everyday and enjoy beautiful and lustrous hair.

Hair Loss

9. Irregular And Painful Menses:

Girls, are you experiencing painful and irregular menstruation? Then, let me tell you all, skipping breakfast can be one of the main reason behind your condition. When you skip breakfast regularly you experience menstrual irregularities which further results in painful and excessive menstrual bleeding. So girls, for normal menstrual cycle have breakfast regularly.

Painful Menses

10. Worst Hangovers:

Skipping breakfast can worse your hangover condition. It brings down the sugar levels which results in nausea and headaches. If you are experiencing a hangover, simply choose a breakfast that is rich in vitamins, iron, and minerals and you can easily get rid of annoying hangovers.

Worst Hangovers

Hopefully, I have given you all enough reasons to eat proper breakfast.  Do not skip and stay healthy.



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