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10 Habits That Damage The Skin


Healthy skin is an asset that helps in improving our beauty, looks and personality. People who have glowing blemish free skin look very attractive and young. On the other hand, problems like acne, spots and wrinkles make the skin look old and unattractive. Skin diseases have become very common today with a large number of people suffering from some or the other problem. Proper care and using the right cosmetics and beauty products is important for making the skin healthy. Some habits increase the risk of skin diseases. We must avoid such habits that damage our skin. We will tell you about some bad habits to avoid.

Following Are The 10 Health Habits You Contribute To Damaging Your Skin

Bathing With Hot Water

Taking bath with very hot water is a bad habit that dehydrates the skin and removes moisture from it. It increases dryness in the skin leading to further problems. Thus, avoid this habit. Take bath with cold water in summers and use lukewarm water for bathing in winters.


Breaking The Pimples

Pimples are very common among teenagers and young people. Breaking the pimple and scratching the affected skin is a big mistake that causes infection worsening the acne. It spreads the acne and causes formation of dark marks. Thus, you should avoid breaking pimples.


Skipping The Sunscreen

Sun exposure is the main cause of many skin problems including skin cancer. Not using a sunscreen is a habit that can pose danger to skin health. Always apply a high SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun. You should use it at every two hours interval.


Neglecting The Lips

Neglecting the lips is a very bad habit that can damage the skin of lips. The lips become very dry due to lack of hydration. Thus, you should moisten and hydrate the lips by applying glycerin, Vaseline or lip balm. It will treat dryness and chapping of lips.


Using Cheap Cosmetics

Women are often lured by cheap cosmetics thinking that it will save them money. This habit is not good for your skin. Cheap cosmetics contain harmful ingredients that damage the skin and causes problems. Avoid buying cheap cosmetics. Always buy high quality products with safe ingredients.


Biting The Nails

Beautiful well-shaped nails help in improving the beauty of our hands. Biting the nails is a bad habit that breaks the nails with a chipped look. It spoils the beauty of hands. Avoid this habit of biting the nails. Don’t cut the nails with teeth.


Not Removing Makeup At Night

Women use a lot of makeup to enhance their beauty. Sleeping at night with the makeup on the skin is a mistake that can damage the skin leading to infection. Makeup causes blockage in the pores. It is important to remove makeup before sleeping at night. Remove the makeup with cleanser or makeup remover and then go to sleep.


Swimming In The Pool

Swimming is a very good aerobic exercise for improving the health. However, the water of swimming pool contains high amounts of chlorine, which can damage the skin. You should take shower after returning from the pool and wash the skin with soap to remove chlorine from the skin.


Drinking Alcohol

Many types of skin disorders are caused by taking alcohol. The skin loses its plumpness, freshness and elasticity due to alcohol. It decreases collagen production, which affects the skin suppleness very badly. Further, alcohol increases the dryness in skin due to dehydration. Women who take alcohol can have wrinkles.



Smoking is a bad addiction that causes diseases apart from damaging the skin. It is the leading cause of wrinkles and poor blood circulation in the skin. Women who smoke cigarettes look old and aged before they actually become old. It destroys the collagen thus affecting the skin health.



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