10 Essential Oils With Home Remedies

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Health problems and disease cause a lot of suffering and distress to people. Apart from medical treatment, it is beneficial to use natural remedies for minor problems. It will help in solving diseases without any side effects. The natural remedies are safe to use. Essential oils are very useful for getting relief from health problems at home. We will explain some ways of using essential oils for common problems.

Following Are The 10 Essential Oils With Home Remedies:

1. Use Lavender Oil For Anxiety:

Studies have shown that taking lavender oil orally helps in reducing the problem of anxiety. It decreases anxiety by about forty-five percent in people who use the oil in the form of a capsule. This result is noticed in six weeks time. It also reduces restlessness and agitation. Thus, take lavender oil capsule when you have anxiety. [1]

Lavender Oil

2. Use Chamomile Oil For Juvenile Arthritis:

Chamomile oil helps in reducing joint pain by detoxifying the body. A body massage done with chamomile oil especially on the joints gives relief in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Thus, use chamomile oil for fighting arthritis and joint pain. [2]

Chamomile Oil

3. Use Rosemary Oil For Indigestion:

Rosemary oil can fight the problem of indigestion when taken internally. For this, consume very little amount just one drop of the rosemary oil with food. It will help in digesting the food and give relief from indigestion. [3]

Rosemary Oil

4. Use Oregano Oil For Fungal Infections:

Oregano oil is useful for fighting fungal infections. The oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties die to which it can heal fungal infection on the skin. Thus, you can use the oil for skin infection due to athlete’s foot. Test the oil on the skin before using it. Apply the oil on affected areas of the skin. Pregnant women should avoid using the oregano oil, as it is not safe for them. [4]

Oregano Oil

5. Use Jasmine Oil For Scars:

Jasmine oil helps in healing scars on the skin. The diluted oil heals and soothes the skin while fighting dryness and inflammation in the skin. The oil reduces stretch marks. It can fade away scars and reduce redness in the skin. Apply jasmine oil on affected areas after diluting it. [5]

Jasmine Oil

6. Use Peppermint Oil For Stomach Problems:

Studies in Taiwan have revealed that peppermint oil can reduce stomach problems like abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome after one month of use. The oil has the property to ease spasms in the stomach and digestive tract. However, avoid the oil if you have gallbladder problems. [6]

Peppermint Oil

7. Use Eucalyptus Oil For Respiratory Problems:

Using a homemade vapor rub made with eucalyptus oil gives relief in respiratory problems. For this, mix the oil with some other oils like peppermint as well as coconut oil. Apply the mixture of oils on the chest like a vapor rub. It is useful in fighting asthma, bronchitis, and COPD. Besides this, you can use this eucalyptus oil rub for Pneumonia and tuberculosis. [7]

Eucalyptus Oil1

8. Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne:

Tea tree oil can be used for fighting acne problem. Apply the oil on the affected skin areas. Just use three drops of oil for a single use. Do this two times daily. Also, it is beneficial to mix the tea tree oil with the face wash, toner, and moisturizing cream. [8]

Tea Tree Oil

9. Use Geranium Oil For Body Cleansing And Rejuvenation:

Geranium oil helps in cleansing and rejuvenating the body. For this, mix the oil with a double amount of neroli oil. Also, mix little vegetable oil with it. Apply the oil mixture on the skin and do a gentle massage on the body for cell regeneration and body cleansing. It will help in removing toxins from the body and reducing tension. [9]

Geranium Oil

10. Use Lemon Oil For Bad Breath:

Using lemon oil as a mouthwash helps in removing bad breath. For this, mix the oil with peppermint and tea tree oils. Mix the oil mixture with warm water and use it as a mouthwash. Do gargling with the oil mixed water after eating food to get rid of bad breath. [10]

Lemon Oil




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