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10 Effective Herbs For Treating Asthma


Asthma is a respiratory issue which usually happens due to the inflammations and constrictions in the bronchial passages and can hugely affect both adults and children alike. This issue occurs when air does not reach the lungs in a proper way and which leads to respiratory trouble as well.However, there are innumerous medications available to treat this disorder, one of the best ways to prevent the attacks and treat the issue is by taking the help of nature in terms of various herbs.

Some Of The Best Herbs Which Treats Asthma Are Discussed Below

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb named Ginkgo Biloba is a great treatment for the issues of asthma in humans due to the fact that it contains anti inflammatory and anti histaminic properties in it. According to some research it had been found that this herb extracts actually lessened the inflammations caused in the asthmatic airways in humans. It just needs to be noted that this herb supplement needs to be taken with care as it interacts with certain medicines.

Ginkgo Biloba


Garlic has been doted as a traditional Chinese medicinal herb which has been used to cure asthma from time immemorial. Garlic Is rich in anti inflammatory properties which helps in clearing the lung congestion along with the fact that it helps in promoting the immune system health and fight the issues which leads to asthma due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties. Garlic can be taken in any form, raw or cooked and also as supplements in the diet too.



Another herb which is also great and beneficial in the treatment of asthma is licorice due to the fact that it helps in reducing the inflammation in the lungs and also reduces the swelling in the bronchial tubes, helps in the restoration of normal breathing and calms the air canals too. Apart from these, licorice herb has properties which promote immunity as well. This herb supplements are easily found or else can be consumed in hot water by mixing licorice root powder too.



Another famous and effective herb which has been in use since ancient times in order to treat respiratory issues and issues like asthma & cough as well, lemongrass when consumed has great effects in the treatment of asthma. This is due to the fact that lemongrass contains anti inflammatory, anti fungal & antibacterial properties which in turn helps in taking care of the inflammations and the infections which lead to asthma in the long run. Presence of vitamin C in lemongrass further boosts the immunity of a human. To reap the benefits, lemongrass can be consumed by adding 2 spoon dry lemongrass in water added with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. After boiling, straining the liquid and adding honey and lemon juice to it and drinking does the trick!


Bishop’s Weed

Another amazing remedy in the range of herbs which is known to treat asthma is Bishop’s weed better known as ajwain or carom seeds. This is due to the fact that Bisop’s weed has a strong antispasmodic effect on the swollen up bronchioles which in turn reduces the symptoms of asthma in the long run. Consumption of bishop’s weed is also been associated with having great effects in easing and preventing attacks of asthma as well and works equally well in dealing with ailments like whooping cough, bronchitis, emplysema and cardiovascular ailments too. The seeds of this herb is used in the treatment in general and can be consumed with water to treat the effects.



Usually known for its use in continental cuisines, oregano has a tremendous good effect in treating asthma as well. This is due to the fact that oregano is rich in anti inflammatory properties loaded with the goodness of terpenes, carvacrol and flavonoids which helps to cleans and purify the lungs in humans. Thus, this herb, oregano is actually effective in reducing the swelling in the bronchial tubes and the respiratory tract which in turn helps in relieving from the asthmatic symptoms. Drinking oregano tea everyday helps a lot.



Ginger is another herb which is excellent in keeping asthma at bay due to its fantastic anti inflammatory properties that helps in reducing inflammations in the airway thus inhibiting the contraction of the airways as well. Even though a lot more research in this field is necessary, still some of them have found that ginger is loaded with components which help in relieving the constricted airways which get affected in case of an asthmatic attack. Consuming ginger supplements or having ginger tea helps greatly.


Slippery Elm

Another great herb which helps in treating asthma is slippery elm as they help in thinning the mucus that are responsible to clog the airways in case of the ailment due to its anti inflammatory properties. Apart from asthma, slippery elm helps in treating other respiratory issues too. Several suppliments are available apart from teas with its inner bark which can be taken. Pregnant women however should restrain from taking this.



Turmeric has found its use since time immemorial in treating a lot of ailments and one of the other ailments this herb provides to is asthma. This is due to being rich in anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that turmeric helps in treating asthma attacks and its symptoms as well. To reap the benefits, one can have turmeric added to milk and have the hot boiled drink twice daily.


Stinging Nettle

Known to work wonders in case the asthma attack is a result of an allergy, this herb is rich in natural anti inflammatory and antihistaminic properties which helps in opening up of the nasal passages and the bronchial passages to relieve the issue. This herb also promotes immunity in humans as well. Nettle supplements when consumed help in the long run.



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