10 Effective DIY Remedies For Acidity

Effective DIY Remedies For Acidity

Stomach acids play an important role in digesting food. However, an excess of digestive acid produced by the stomach can cause several painful and uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, nausea, burning feeling in the throat and stomach or heart burn. The acidity problem is common amongst people of all ages who indulge themselves in eating too many spicy, oily or greasy foods. Irregular eating habits, lack of exercise or physical activity, drinking alcohol, stress, eating food too fast without chewing well, obesity and lying down just after eating can also result in increased stomach acid and lead to acidity problem. Pregnancy and other medical conditions can also cause acidity. There are several natural remedies that can treat acidity problem successfully and minimize its occurrence in future. Here are 10 most effective natural remedies for acidity.

10 Effective DIY Remedies For Acidity


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