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10 Best Tips For Oily Skin During Summer Season

Today, you are going to learn about the major problem of oily skin and the tips to deal with it. As we know that oily skin is something that keeps on welcoming some or the other facial problem like acnes and pimples every now and then, it creates trouble and tension for anyone having such skin type. Therefore, if you want to keep it healthy and beautiful at the same time then you must show extra care to such skin of your or else don’t blame your genes for blessing you with such skin type. Just read below the few tips and see if these eases your problem.

Here Are 10 Best Tips For Oily Skin During Summer Season

1. A Water Based Moisturizer Is Must

Moisturizers are suggested for all skin types but even these have categories. Therefore, don’t go for any moisturizer but only water based. At the same time keeping the skin soft and hydrated, these help to open up skin pores and keep the skin free from extra oil.


2. Don’t Touch Your Face Too Often

Touching the face is something we all do every now and then. Control that habit of yours especially if you have oily skin as it will transfer the dirt, germs and impurities to your face and make the skin pimple prone. It is not only the hands that should not be touching the face but also the oily hair because they just add extra oil to it. Therefore, do remember to tie your hair into braid and control your hands in summer.


3. Always Go For A Gel Based Cleanser

The requirement of oily skin is not just gel based cleanser but only the one containing citric acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. The reason for using such gel based cleanser is that it helps to shed off the dead skin cell of the face thus keeping the pores from getting clogged. The result that you will find is no headache of pimples. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that you don’t have to use it just every now and then like you use your face wash. Exfoliate but only 2-3 times a week else it can become unbearable for the skin which will lead to harsh skin with redness and flakiness. Using it properly at the suggested interval will keep the skin free from excess of oil and also shiny and glowing.


4. Use A Toner To Reduce Oiliness

Toner is something that anybody will suggest to you in case of oily skin. The skin independent of what you want, will keep on producing oil and make it even more pimple prone, look greasy all the time and even clogs the pores. No matter how much you want to hide it, it will never stop doing what it does. Now that you can’t change or stop your skin, you have one option – just keep on wiping the oil from time to time. For this, you may use toner. It has astringent properties that other than wiping the oil will also soothe and cool the skin & shrink its pores. This way, it will make the best method to control the production of oil.


5. Watch Out What You Eat

As I always say what you eat shows up on your health let skin be a part of it. Therefore, watch out what you eat. The spicy dishes and the alluring cocktails might look convincing but don’t get tempted because they are not made for your skin. Such foods are more likely to cause pimples and power up the oil glands of the skin. Therefore, try to replace this diet of yours with healthier food such as apricot, spinach, mango and leafy green vegetables.


6. Don’t Expose Yourself To Pollution Too Much

This is something nobody wants to do but the modernization of today is likely to cause pollution so steeping outside means exposing yourself to pollution. Well, this doesn’t mean that you should confine yourself to the four walls of the house. It means that while going outside, you must act extra careful such as covering your face with mask and always wearing sunscreen of SPF more than 15. Such tips reduces the chances of dirt and microbes acting harsh to your skin.


7. Apply Natural Face Masks To Reduce Oiliness

If you have oily skin then chemical filled face mask that you buy from the grocery store can become the worst mistake of your life. Filled with excess of chemicals, such face masks instead of fulfilling their purpose work just opposite. On the other hand, natural face masks that you prepare at home are reliable and never fail to fulfill their promise. You may choose the ingredients such as sandalwood powder or fullers earth that are good for oily skin and can reap natural benefits as well.

Natural Face Masks

8. Use Lukewarm Water For Rinsing The Face Off

This makes one of the best tip to follow in case of oily skin. The reason being lukewarm water can dissolves the excess of oil into it. Also, it washes away the dirt and germs that have stacked to the face due to pollution thus putting a halt on the disappearance of pimples. Lukewarm water has other oily skin benefit as well. Such water is more capable of regulating blood circulation on the face and unclogging the clogged pores. I am sure that this many reasons can help you deal with oily skin so no more cold water but only lukewarm water.

Lukewarm Water For Rinsing The Face Off

9. Keep Your Skin Hydrated At All The Time

As per the myth goes, people believe that consumption of excess of water adds to the oil of the skin. Remember that oil is not water and it never mixes with it. Therefore, don’t worry and drink your 10 glasses of water every day. It will keep the skin hydrated and reduce the formation of excess of oil as well.

Drink enough fluid and water

10. Just No More Makeup

Makeup makes you look good but when it comes to oily skin it goes moody. At first, makeup should not be applied on oily skin and suppose if you are applying makeup then you should always keep it low if not in other seasons then definitely in summers. When summer comes, you may substitute the heavy foundation creams with moisturizing creams that contain silicone as it does not clogs the pores and also creates a barrier between the skin and the heat.

Just No More Makeup


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