10 Best Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joy to every woman that enjoys motherhood. Pregnancy brings more responsibility to take care of the baby within. Post pregnancy weight gain is very natural for a new mother and it almost takes a year’s time to regain shape and health. A new mother cannot afford to do vigorous exercise or crash diet as her body would be weak and take time to regain its flexibility and when she breast feeds her baby she needs to take a balanced and nutritious food.

1. Breast Feeding:

Breast feeding is the best way to lose weight. Both the mother and the baby would be benefited with breast feeding. Women tend to put on weight and fat starts accumulating during pregnancy. There is also resistance of insulin and escalating levels in lipid and triglyceride that women experience during pregnancy. Lactating mothers have the quality to reform the system mechanism after pregnancy. The extra calories and fat get reduced in lactating mothers.

Breast Feeding

2. Walking:

Walking is the best exercise that a new mother can do. It helps to lose weight and helps the mother to improve her cardiovascular fitness. It helps the mother to get refreshed and relieve stress that occurs from sitting with the baby and taking care of it the whole day and night too.


3. Exercise:

Take the advice of a doctor and physical fitness instructor and do a 30 minute exercise that new mothers can do. The study in the International Journal of Obesity has reported that exercise and a regulated diet should be adapted to reduce weight in postnatal care of women. Jogging, walking, bike riding, swimming and aerobics are the best suited exercises for a new mom. For muscle fitness a minimum weight lifting can be done that will help in the toning up of muscles.


4. Water:

Drink enough water that will not only help the body to clear toxins from the system but help in burning up fat. Drinking two glasses of water before a meal will help to reduce weight according to a study in the American chemical society. The water intake helps to prevent obesity.


5. Nutritious Food:

It is very natural for a breast feeding mother to feel recurrent craving for food. Do not appease your hunger with unhealthy and empty calories. Eat nutritious food when you breast feed your baby for healthy food helps the mother to feed the baby as it will help in production of milk that would be healthy and sufficient for the baby. Eating the right food will help the mother to get into shape and stay healthy. Do not take fast foods that are not nutritious but only add kilos to your body and make you lethargic and tired after some time. Intake of fiber content food and food rich in protein and calcium that can be found in whole grains, milk products, fruits, fish and vegetables will increase fitness and health in the mother. In turn the baby will have good milk and be healthy. Eating small portions 5 or 6 times a day is advised instead of large portions 3 times a day. Slow and steady losing of weight is advised. Crash diets must be avoided especially when the baby has to be fed by the mother.

Nutritious Food

6. Abdominal Wrap:

Post natal care of the mother includes an abdominal wrap for the new mother. It is an age old practice to wrap the stomach firmly. The healthy and moderate compression aids the reduction of the uterus to its original and normal dimension sooner. It also serves as a support for the abdomen along with the back and to regain its posture.

Abdominal Wrap

7. Dance:

Dancing will also help in burning all those extra calories. Sweat out and shape up with music that the baby too will enjoy and relax listening to.


8. Eat Early:

Eat earlier than you normally would. Take dinner when it is late in the evening rather than in the night. It will help in digestion of good and help you to reduce weight and undesired fat tiring up on your sides. Yogurt is the best dessert that can be served with fruits and nuts when the new mom craves for food or when she feels tired.

Eat Early

9. Coffee And Alcohol:

Refrain from Coffee and Alcohol after delivery also. Drink a cup of green tea with ginger instead of coffee that has caffeine and alcohol that is very bad for the mother and the baby and for the whole family.

Coffee And Alcohol

10: Home Food:

Eat at home as much as you can. Eating out may tempt you to go for fatty and food that is not recommended for you and that will add on kilos instead of helping you reduce your weight. It will take time to reduce and become attractive like how you were before getting pregnant. Do not get frustrated with slow progress in weight reduction but be motivated and take the right food and exercise and sleep well and go in for a massage before a bath.

Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful responsibility God has bestowed on a woman. Her body is a magnificent home for the baby where it lives for 9 months. The food and all that is required is taken from the mother by the baby. God made woman and designed her body befitting to carry a baby to its full term, grow and deliver the baby.

Home Food


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