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10 Best Liver Cleansing Foods

Liver Cleansing FoodsYour liver is the largest gland of your body. It secretes chemicals that help in digesting fats, destroying worn out red blood cells, breaking down hormones, converting ammonia into urea and removing toxins and other harmful substances in the blood. Therefore, for improving the quality of your health, make sure that your liver remains in good health. To help your liver to sustain its functions, you must consume foods that supply nutrients essential for maintaining the health of the liver. Foods that help in boosting the liver function include common culinary herbs such as onions and garlic, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, whole grains and more. To know about the foods best suited for detoxifying the liver, follow the link given below.

Rediff – 10 Best Liver Cleansing Foods



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