10 Best Exercises For A Slim Waist


Women who have slim waist look very beautiful and attractive. A big waist is not good for health. People who have a big waist are at a great risk of suffering from many types of diseases and health problems. Obese people often have fat deposited at the waist. It is important to get rid of the waist fat. You can achieve this aim by making a diet and exercise plan after consulting your doctor and dietitian. Doing exercises is the best ways to overcome weight problems and getting a slim body. We will suggest some easy exercises for getting a slim waist. Following are the best exercises for a slim waist.

10 Best Exercises For A Slim Waist:

1. Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are very good for overcoming obesity and reducing the waist size. These exercises burn the body fat very fast. Walking, running, jogging and cycling are the best cardio exercises that can be done without the need to join a gym. You can do cycling on a stationary bike. Some people like to run on a treadmill. Do regular exercise for half an hour daily.

2. Sprint Interval Training

Sprint Interval Training

Sprint interval training helps in trimming the waist to a reduced size. For this exercise, you need to do sprints along with rest. Do warm up before starting the exercise. Follow with stretching. Walking and jogging are very good for warm up. Do the sprint for a short time lasting for fifteen seconds and take a short rest lasting for about forty five seconds. Repeat ten times. The exercise is done at a very high intensity for a short time. Do cool down exercises followed by stretching.

3. Rope Skipping

Rope Skipping

Skipping a rope is a very good activity for getting rid of waist fat. It makes the core muscles very tight and toned. It is very beneficial to skip the rope at a fast speed. Take frequent breaks in between lasting for about fifteen seconds. You should skip the rope with a minimum five repetitions.

4. Abdominal Crunch

Abdominal Crunch

Abdominal crunch is a very good exercise for making the waist slim. Lie down on back, bend the knees and fold them upwards. Hold the knees with hands and pull them towards the chest. Take it back. Lift the body. You should feel the crunch in ribs. Hold for few seconds and then return to starting position.

5. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell Squats

You can do dumbbell squats for burning the body fat. Keep the feet at a distance from each other. Hold dumbbells in your hands. Bend the knees, inhale and bring the body downward in a sitting position. Bend down. Rise upwards again in starting position while exhaling with nose.

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6. Swinging Squats

Swinging Squats

Swinging squat helps in toning and sculpting the body at waist. For doing this exercise, you need to stand with a distance between two feet. Hold a dumbbell with both hands together. Do a squat movement by bringing the hips and rest of body down in a sitting position. Take the arms sideways with the dumbbells in a swinging movement. Make the abdomen tight while you are swinging the dumbbell. Take the dumbbells to the opposite side while rotating the hip. Return to starting position. Repeat the movement fifteen times on both sides.

7. Twisted Curl

Twisted Curl

Twisted curl exercise helps in making the abdominal muscles strong, which controls the waist size. Sit on floor. The feet should be flat while the knees should bend. Bend backwards so that your weight lies on elbows. Keep a towel below. Squeeze abdominal area and press the back. Curl the body sideways. Do pulse exercise with hands. Curl the body and bring it down. Place hands on thighs. Lift the arms upwards and do pulse exercise.

8. Pushups


Pushups are very good exercises for obese people. For doing this exercise, you need to prop the body keeping the weight on toes. You will need to keep the knees in a balanced position. Lie down on stomach. Keep the hands on side of shoulders with palms down. Lift the body upwards with your arms. Extend the arms straight up. Bring the body down to starting position. Repeat this movement.

9. Burpee


Doing a burpee exercise will burn the waist fat very fast. You can do the burpee very easily by first lowering the body in a plank position. Fold both knees, bring them together and hop. Return to a standing position with the hands extended upwards. This is a type of push up exercise.

10. Crunch Exercise

Crunch Exercise

Lie down on your back. The knees should be bended in a ninety-degree angle. Contract the abdominal area while folding the hands behind the head. Lift the knees straight above the hips. Do crunch exercise while lifting the shoulders. Take in a deep breath. Breathe out. Extend the legs upwards in the air making an angle of forty-five degrees. Hold and squeeze the abdomen. Repeat ten times twice.



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