10 Amazing Ways To Use Orange Peels


The importance of an orange peel lies in its versatile benefits. Therefore, do not waste them. In fact this orange colored skin of oranges is as good as the fruit itself. For instance the highly nutritious compounds of orange peels provide valuable alternative solutions for several diseases.

Its various curative properties act as a savior for those suffering from vital skin problems. And, one can hardly miss the citrusy aroma of an orange peel that works wonders for a tired mind and body. All this and many more makes orange peel a unique storehouse of properties that shouldn’t be left unutilized.
This article lists ten amazing ways to use orange peels together with its incredible benefits.

1. Orange Peel is Edible

Orange zest made from orange peel can be used to enhance the flavor of any dish. It is particularly used in the recipes of cakes, biscuits and breads. Orange peel and cranberries when soaked in good quality olive oil for a few weeks makes for a very delicious salad dressing. To get a mild citrusy flavor in your tea just brew dried orange peels along with the tea.

Orange peel candies dipped in chocolate is simply irresistible. Orange infused vodka can be easily prepared by preserving orange peels and vodka in a sealed container for a few weeks after which it is ready to consume.

Orange Peel is Edible

2. Orange Peel for Household Purposes

You can prevent brown sugar from solidifying by adding orange peel as it helps to absorb the moisture from the sugar. Being an efficient natural sponge, orange peels are highly recommended to be used for de-greasing surfaces. The natural oil content of a fresh orange peel can be used to clean and shine greasy surfaces of stoves and sinks.

An orange peel can deodorize garbage cans and refrigerators too. Halve an orange and after removing the pulp fill the orange halves with salt and put it in the fridge. This keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh all the time. Dirty garbage cans can be deodorized by placing some orange peels at the bottom.

Orange Peel

3. Orange Peel as an Air Freshener

Orange peels are also excellent air fresheners. You can keep your home smelling fresh always by simmering orange peels in water. You can even add a cinnamon stick or sandalwood to enhance the fragrance. Since orange oil is highly inflammable you can start a fire putting dried orange peels in the fireplace. The sweet and tangy smell of orange will keep your mind and home refreshed throughout the day.

Orange Peel as an Air Freshener

4. Orange Peel as Pest Controllers

The utilization of orange peels as mosquito repellants is also quite common. Fresh orange peels when rubbed on the skin keeps mosquitoes away. Natural oils present in orange peels act as deterrent for bugs, flies and ants too. The process is to puree orange peels in a blender by adding water and then spray it all around the house particularly in those areas that are more likely to attract ants or flies. Orange peels are even known to keep your home safe from stray cats. Orange zests scattered in and around the house are sure to drive cats away.

Orange Peel as Pest Controllers

5. Orange Peels for the Body

When used as a body scrub orange peels are capable of increasing the brightness of the skin. The best method is to rub the skin with orange peels wrapped in gauze while showering. The natural oil from orange peels can be squeezed out to be used as regular bath oil too. Just adding a few drops to the bath water is enough to get the necessary results.

The anti-inflammatory properties of orange oil are definitely a bonus apart from the fact that it heightens skin tone and texture. The disadvantages of an excessively oily skin are aplenty. The paste of an orange peel gives instant relief from the oiliness and at the same time removes dead skin cells.

Orange Peels for the Body

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6. Orange Peels for Good Health

Over the years the Chinese have popularized the usage of orange peels in the field of natural medication. For instance consuming orange peels regularly keeps the blood pressure under control. Also, the natural oil extracted from orange peel can be used as aroma therapy that gives relief from problems related to anxiety and depression.

Issues concerning the stomach or the liver like constipation, heartburn and vomiting can be lowered considerably by consuming orange peel on a regular basis. The high fiber content of orange peels is also suitable for maintaining a healthy weight. Anti oxidants like vitamin C that are found abundantly in orange peels help to evade bronchial problems like asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Orange Peels for Good Health

7. Orange Peels for Hair

The presence of certain chemical properties in orange peel makes it an excellent hair conditioner and cleanser. Problems arising due to dandruff can be resolved by using a paste made of orange peel. Grind orange peels, mix it with water and leave it overnight. Applying this mixture the next morning has proved to be beneficial for hair.

Orange Peels for Hair

8. Orange Peels to Cure Hangover

A hangover can be really frustrating particularly if you have to be in the office the next morning. Orange peels prove to be really handy in this situation. Follow the simple procedure of boiling orange peels and salt in water for at least twenty minutes. The hangover reduces significantly once you drink this solution. This is one of the most natural remedy for hangovers.

 Orange Peels to Cure Hangover

9. Orange Peel for Treating Bad Breath

Among its various qualities the humble orange peel is also capable of eliminating bad breath. Therefore, those suffering from this problem must quickly shun the gum or mouth fresheners and start chewing small pieces of orange peel instead. The peel of an orange not only keeps your breath fresh for a longer period of time but it also prevents the formation of cavities.

Bad Breath

10. Orange Peels as Compost

The presence of nitrogen and other rich nutrients in orange peels makes it an excellent composting material. Orange peels are therefore very useful for gardening purposes as it helps in the enrichment of soil.




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